Meet our team

We're a close-knit family of creatives and creators — with our fair share of battles with OCD, depression and anxiety over the past decade under our belt — passionate about changing the world's outlook toward mental health.

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Illustration showing Rishit working on his computer
Photo of Rishit Kedia

Rishit Kedia

The founder, developer, designer and marketer. The OCD-driven perfectionist.

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Illustration showing Bhavika working on her laptop
Photo of Bhavika Makwana Kedia

Bhavika Makwana Kedia

The designer and marketer. The anxiety-driven partner in crime.
Illustration showing Rashmi doodling on her tablet
Photo of Rashmi Kedia

Rashmi Kedia

The artist and doodler. The support-system-of-her-son mother.